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Hora Mágica was born in 1991, and since then it has been a film producer primarily focused on spectators, namely with the fiction feature film “CONTRACT”, by Nicolau Breyner, which was a great success, with more than fifty thousand spectators in the theater and about a million TV viewers.

Thanks to the excellent receptivity of the public, which ensures that it gets more and more space on the exhibition circuit, the Hora Mágica proposal has established itself over the years as a producer that respects and cares for its audience, putting the entire screen on screen. your professionalism and good taste.


It has alternated its activity between TV and Cinema. In 1989, she was invited to join the team of three people who made the project for TVI - Televisão Independente, today audience leader, of which she directed the National Production sector for ten years.

A very rewarding experience, but it had to have a term in order to return to its origins, Cinema, and face new challenges.

Isabel Chaves
Managing and Producer Partner
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